LMS | Logistics Management System


A unique Software combination developed to manage various functions in the logistical environment. Information is accessible real time, via the web and varying levels of access can be set. Key information is consolidated and made available in numerous reports, exportable into various operating systems.

The core function of the service is to assist all parties involved to have better control in their particular logistical function, which will result in increased revenues, lower costs and improved operating efficiencies.

Intro | Sample Reports

The Logistics Management System (LMS) is designed to provide all parties through the supply chain, real-time accurate data. LMS was originally the brainchild of 4PL.COM who, earlier in their trading years, knew that they needed to invest and focus on technology to set them apart from their competitors.

The first module was launched in 2009 which was the Electronic Weigh Bridge System, internally known as the EWBS.  This system was designed to assist the operational staff by providing real-time, electronic information on all types of product, loaded and off-loaded, allowing access from anywhere in the world via the web. EWBS gave them a running reconciliation of product delivery status at the weigh bridge site.  This module, originally designed to assist the 4PL.COM staff with their Supply Chain Services, has now grown to a system which is also used by external clients. 

Closely interlinked to the EWBS are the Incident Management System (IMS) and the Vehicle and Product Tracking System (VPTS). The IMS creates a platform to log any incidents which affect product delivery and also communicate those incidents with all stakeholders.  The user is able to log any incident thereby creating an accurate account of all issues which may have affected loading and delivery.  At the push of a button all parties involved can be made aware, via sms or email, of any incidents. This improves operating efficiencies by allowing responsive management of the process 

The VPTS consolidates both tracking and weigh bridge information. This gives the user the benefit of live tracking information transmitted directly from the vehicle, as well as live weigh bridge information transmitted directly from the actual weigh bridge.  From this consolidated information the system is able to calculate estimated times of arrival, and also has the feature to send SMS notifications when the truck reaches defined trigger points.

The Logistics Management System is a dynamic project which will continue to develop in response to current market requirements.


EWBS - Electronic Weigh Bridge System

The EWBS was developed to provide operational personnel and customers with real-time electronic information on all types of product loaded and off-loaded, and to enable them to have running reconciliation of product delivery status.

The EWBS Interfaces with weighbridge technology on-site and provides information real time on the LMS via WEB.

Functionalities available:

  • Customer and Contractor Master data
  • Issue and Manage Contracts/Order numbers
  • Loading Instructions
  • Direct Interface with Weighbridge database/imports/manual capturing
  • Automatic/Manual weight matching and reconciliation


  • Executive Summary (Contract/Order/Customer) 
  • Detailed weight listings per site/contractor/customer/day/month/period
  • Customer specific reporting
  • Export functionality (Excel, Word, PDF, etc)


EWBS – Bulk Material Management

  • Receive and Off-loading of bulk material
  • Issue and manage Packing and Shipping Instructions
  • Container Depot functionality (Check-in, inspection status, Staging, Status Updates, Packing Instructions)
  • Weigh-in of empty containers
  • Live Packing Updates
  • Weigh-out of Full containers


  • Packing Lists per Shipping Instruction
  • Container Status within Warehouse boundaries


LMS – Site Management & Incident Management

Direct Email & SMS Notification

  • Log Incidents immediately on database
  • Distribution to all relevant parties by push of a button
  • Pro-active management of all type of incidents effecting operational performance, loading effectiveness, etc.


  • Incident Report – Monthly/Weekly/Daily


TWBS – Turnkey Weigh Bridge Solution

LMS is able to provide clients requiring weigh bridges a Turnkey solution including some or all of the following services:

  • Advise on appropriate weigh bridges and purchasing options for specific applications
  • Access to weigh bridge suppliers and preferential rates through our Group buying power
  • Sourcing of weigh bridge operators, or managing the site on behalf of the client
  • Supplying and customization of web based software to suite the clients specific requirements.