Services within 4PL Group

The 4PL.GROUP is an integrated supply chain company specialising in end-to-end services.

Case Studies & Projects

We are confident that our private, independent company meets the needs of the transport and logistics industry by going the extra mile. 4PL.GROUP is easily able to integrate with business applications, which makes it highly responsive to all logistical and transport service requirements.

Each client is treated individually and offered real time management solutions pertinent to their organisation. We include knowledgeable personnel to field projects and operations as part of this service with a designated Project Manager on each project.

We are committed to honouring our agreements with our clients on time at all levels and to remaining professional at all times.

4PL.GROUP also has superb logistical practises in place which above all save our customers money. We will find the best deals for your company amongst our suppliers. Honesty, transparency and objectivity in advising and dealing with clients are non-negotiable at 4PL.GROUP

We have also developed a powerful and unique "Contractor Base" concept which is both an empowerment initiative and beneficial to your organisation.

We give you the peace of mind to focus on your core business, while we manage everything else