Rail Services

Bulk Cargo

As part of a full supply chain offering, from seller/producer to buyer, 4PL.COM is focused on offering cost effective rail solutions to the Sub Saharan market.

This includes local and over border movements into neighbouring countries for various industry leaders in the Agricultural and Mineral markets

As part of the service offering of 4PL.COM we offer rail account facilities to our customers as well as rail account management to customers with existing facilities at Transnet Freight Rail.  Further, 4PL.COM operates in conjunction with all the national railway operators.

Sound relationships with service providers as well as exceptional customer service are cornerstones of the business philosophy of 4PL.COM

Companies providing Bulk Cargo:

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 Bulk Rail Cargo

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Containerised Cargo

Transport of containerised cargo on rail within Southern Africa

Companies providing Containerised Cargo:



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Rail Shunting and Private Wagon Capacity

Our company offers rail shunting services on private railway sidings.

Companies providing Rail Shunting and Private Wagon Capacity: 



 Rail Shunting

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