We are a Fourth Party Logistical Service Provider that enables us to effectively co-ordinate all third party activities to its optimal Local and International capacity. We oversee the full supply chain from seller to buyer with our main focus being Bulk Commodities with the Agricultural, Mineral and Commercial Markets.

As part of a full supply chain offering, from seller/producer to buyer, 4PL.COM is focused on offering cost effective rail solutions to the Sub Saharan market.

4PL.COM was a green field project and was established in 2006 as a non-asset based supply chain management company specialising in effectively managing and coordinating all third party activities in the entire export and import process. Our micro-management of projects and assets provides our customers with a transparent and “glass-pipe” view of all relevant activities within our scope of work. The company has offices in South Africa and is active in Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Botswana and Zambia. Where necessary satellite teams are established on the mines to ensure service levels are maintained and this forms part of the companies’ risk management.

Our model of utilising third party service provider’s assets, under service agreements, has proved very successful over the years in terms of rates and service delivery. The company is involved in product loading, truck haul, rail cargo, warehousing, clearing documentation, shipping, collateral management and management reporting.

4PL.COM works in conjunction with the groups technology business LMS. This allows the sales team to offer its customer base real-time information and management reports on cargo movement within the supply chain.

The company has enjoyed high levels of staff retention and it is certainly a business with a lot of passion and character.

4PL.COM specializes in the management and coordination of the logistics services.