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Environmental, Social & Governance

We are committed to serving our clients’ best interests, but also to fulfilling our responsibilities to the communities with which we interact and engage.

We have identified a lack of educational opportunities as a key limiting factor in the lives of many young South Africans, and we have therefore focused our Corporate Social Responsibility investment on addressing this issue.

Group of Companies

Ubuhle Christian School

Ubuhle is a school in Bronkhorstspruit (Gauteng) that caters for the vulnerable leaners in the area. The government withdrew its support which presented an opportunity to get involved with financial support, building, craft and community projects to ensure the effective and safe operation of the school. Our annual fundraiser mountain bike ride namely “JackalBerry Challenge” has been a great success and added significant fiscal to ensure the management is able to develop the school for the needs of the learners ( We have played a part in giving these underprivileged learners a brighter future.


We support the Aitsa! Aftercare Centre situated in Dwarshoek Valley, (Cape Town) creating a safe, loving and stimulating environment where children’s full potential can be developed from age 5 to 18 years old.


The annual JackalBerry Challenge fundraising cycle ride has made a significant impact both on the riders and on the lives of learners at the Ubuhle Christian School through increasing the school’s capacity to teach academic, social and communication skills. We call it Ubuhle Care & Development.
Through classroom construction, craft and catering projects and direct support of individual learners, we have been able to help these Bronkhorstspruit youngsters create a brighter future for themselves. As a company and as individuals, the 4PL Group contributes money and time each month to further our social development goals and make a real difference.


At 4PL Group, our commitment to safety, compliance, and environmental responsibility goes far beyond mere regulatory requirements. We take comprehensive measures to ensure the utmost security and professionalism throughout our operations.

To begin with, our fleet undergoes strict carbon emission control and regular maintenance, demonstrating our dedication to environmental responsibility. Our driver selection process is stringent, guaranteeing professionalism and expertise. Additionally, our comprehensive goods in transit insurance offers peace of mind to our clients, assuring the protection of their shipments.

Furthermore we prioritise security by equipping our trucks with multiple satellite tracking units and camera systems. We maintain a standby rapid response capability through a trusted security partner, supported by a robust intelligence network, ensuring swift action in the face of unforeseen incidents or security concerns.

As certified food grade carriers with a Certificate of Acceptability, we uphold the highest standards for food transportation. Adherence to regulatory standards is a cornerstone of our operations, and we are proud to be both RTMS accredited and accredited by SARS with AEO status. Continuous improvement is our guiding principle in everything we do.

In the workplace, safety remains paramount, and we place great emphasis on providing the necessary training, implementing sound policies and procedures, and utilising quality assets to responsibly distribute our customers’ cargo. This commitment is a shared priority among our management teams and shareholders, ensuring that your cargo is always in capable hands.


We are a level two (2) provider with 81% black ownership and 26% black female ownership.


We demonstrate our commitment to environmental responsibility through strict carbon emission control and regular maintenance of our fleet. Choosing vehicles with best-in-class fuel efficiency and continuing to test alternatives to diesel powered commercial vehicles is a strategic imperative. A drive to use rail, where possible, is in the DNA of the business. The business has a strategy to transit to solar energy where economically viable. Our truck wash solutions include on site water recycling plants.


The group strives to retain its entrepreneurial flair but with strict adherence to King IV principles and good governance.

The group has a representative and diverse board, with a broad expertise base covering supply chain, legal, financial and business strategy. There is a healthy balance between executive and non-executive directors that promotes healthy robust debate and dialogue that improves the sustainability of the businesses and ensures we do so in a responsible manner.

4PL Group has the necessary governing committees in place including a remuneration committee, social and ethics committee and an audit committee. All chaired by non-executive directors.