This business is a new acquisition, and will fall under the 4PL.COM business unit for the time being. 

Transmart seized the opportunity and commenced an Overnight Road Express Service between Cape Town, Bloemfontein and Johannesburg. This service became very popular as it gave clients the option between airfreight and a reliable Overnight Road Express Service at a very affordable rate structure.

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In early 2006, a corporate logistics company bought 60% of the business over a three-year period, which ended in June 2009.  During this time, service levels declined as a result of being part of the corporate environment, the personal touch and contact with clients was just not the same anymore and the clients’ needs were often misinterpreted resulting in service failure and incorrect pricing. 

Having established themselves in the market place as a reliable overnight express operator, known for good communication levels with clients and delivery consistency on time, every time, they decided to re-enter the arena and fill the gap for larger express freight consolidations up to 11 000 kg’s per truck.  The big advantage for clients is that they depart every night to and from Johannesburg and Cape Town via Bloemfontein. 

In 2010 the company relaunched with the new shareholders. Transmart is focussed on providing a reliable and guaranteed overnight road freight service between Cape Town and Johannesburg as an alternative to airfreight. Transmart operates a fleet of vehicles ranging from 1-ton to 12-ton trucks. 


To optimise utilisation of vehicles, they also dispatch normal economy freight on a daily basis and invariably this freight also arrives at the end destination the next day, where it will be available for collection or delivery the following day depending on the service type required.  

Transmart enjoys the backing of 4PL.COM and the Mertech Group of companies as shareholders. This enables us as a company to offer additional services other than those mentioned above and vice versa for the group. 


  • Express Overnight Road Service 
  • Air Freight – Same day or
  • 48 Hour service, consolidated cargo, national network
  • On-site Logistical Management
  • Tri-axle and Super-links – national network
  • Milk Run Express – a prepaid local collection and delivery service



All line haul vehicles are purchased new and operated under warranty for a period of two years.  Before the warranty expires, the vehicles are replaced, ensuring reliability and consistency in service delivery.  All vehicles are fitted with long range tanks, satellite tracking and are operated by two qualified drivers with a minimum of five years long distance experience.


Express Road Freight Service

  • We offer an Overnight Road Express Service between Cape Town and Johannesburg
  • Our trucks run every night of the week
  • Have your freight by 2pm the next day, delivered at a fraction of the price of flying it
  • Ideal for those urgent loads that cannot be flown!


Milkrun Express

  • Easy registration on
  • Local Cape Town delivery service from R40 for the first 10kgs
  • P= Priority - 4 business hours
  • S= Same day - 6 - 8 business hours
  • N.D= Next day - Before 5pm next day
  • A-Z On-Line System